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To provide a high quality of life to Bruderheim residents and ensure great value for their tax dollars!

Muncipal Services Provided by the Town of Bruderheim:

  • Financial and tax support
  • Parks and roads maintenance
  • Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)
  • Planning and development
  • Utilities
  • Fire department
  • Legislative services
  • Economic development
  • Library


Town Administration and Public Works are committed to providing 'quality of life' to the residents of Bruderheim  -  it is our commitment and our job.  Your Town Council has directed us to maintain and improve upon our services to you. An important part of this is to provide information on how we spend your hard-earned tax dollars in providing these essential services.


For example, every day you:

  • Have access to roads that have had repairs
  • Are protected from fire
  • Have police to protect your property and family
  • Can utilize the trail system
  • Enjoy the cut grass and weed control
  • Can access family programs and attend community events
  • Have snow cleared when required
  • Have Bylaws enforced
  • Can go for a skate on the outdoor rink
  • Can watch your kids play on a soccer field, baseball diamond, or in the hockey arena
  • Can access seniors programs, such as the Seniors' Snow Removal Program


These are just a few examples of your tax dollars at work for you every day in Bruderheim!


What do residents get for their tax dollars per month?


* This is not an all-inclusive list, but a reflection of the key services.

Fire, Disaster and Policing
Roads and Sidewalks
Planning Services
Community Social Programs
Economic Development and Tourism
Parks and Green Space Maintenance
Community Facilities
Recreation Services
Legislative Services