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OUR MISSION            

To promote the Town's legal rights and interests in order to achieve Town initiatives and deliver quality programs.

The Legislative Services Department is the link between the public, Council, internal departments and external agencies.

Services provided by the Department to the Town include:

  • Act as Executive Assistant to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Prepare reports to Council, Council meeting agendas and minutes
  • Prepare and review Bylaws which are to be enacted by Council
  • Provide miscellaneous Council support
  • Address legal issues regarding the Town's authority, powers, responsibilities and obligations under the many pieces of Provincial legislation that govern and control the Town's day-to-day operations
  • Administer municipal elections
  • Coordinate appointments to Boards and Committees of Town Council
  • Act as Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Coordinator by preparing responses to requests made under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)
  • Handle petitions
  • Manage special projects
  • Assist in census proceedings
  • Provide legislative administration
  • Facilitate with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


For all inquiries, please contact:


Director of Planning and Legislative Services

Phone: 780-796-3731

Email: Sherry.Cote@bruderheim.ca