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OUR MISSION            

To build a model community which meets the demands of today's residents while protecting for our bright future.


Bruderheim's Planning and Development Department welcomes the opportunity to build a model community, one of thriving businesses and attractive neighbourhoods, supported by safe and efficient infrastructure. We strive to meet the demands of life today, while at the same time protecting for our bright future.

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The Town's Planning and Development Department is responsible for all aspects of land planning, ensuring that development occurs in an organized and rational manner, balancing Bruderheim's natural, social, and built environments.


The Planning and Development Department provides a wide range of general services to the public, including:

  • The processing of:
    • Development permits
    • Business licenses
    • Compliance certificates
    • Applications for subdivision
    • Applications for rezoning
  • The preparation of:
    • Population counts
    • Populations projections
    • Inventories of industrial and commercial properties
    • Growth forecasts
  • The review and establishment of:
    • Land Use Bylaws
    • Policies and procedures


If you have any questions or concerns regarding planning and development, please contact:


Director of Planning and Legislative Services

Phone: (780) 796-3731

5017 Queen Street