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Bruderheim Meteorite FAQs

Why is Bruderheim Home of the Bruderheim Meteorite?
Why is the Bruderheim Meteorite so important?
What exactly is the Bruderheim Meteorite?
Meteoroid, meteor or meteorite?

Bruderheim Bylaw FAQs

What is a Bylaw?
What is a Bylaw
Does the public have opportunity for input?
How can people find out about Bylaws being considered?
How are policies and procedures different from Bylaws?

Council Meeting FAQs

What happens at a Council meeting?
Why is part of the Council meeting closed to the public?
I have a concern or project that requires Town Council's approval. What opportunities are there to speak with Council?
Are there topics that cannot be discussed with Council?
Why are Council meeting minutes not posted immediately?

Fence, Deck and Shed FAQs

General information on fences.
Will I be taxed on my fence?
Do I need a Development Permit for my deck?
Will I be taxed on my deck?
Do I need a Development Permit for my shed?
Am I limited in size for my shed?
What size of shed can I build without paying taxes on it?
Can I place a shed anywhere I want in my yard?

Taxes FAQs

What is the Municipal Property Tax Rebate Program?
What do I get for my taxes?
How are my taxes calculated?
What is market value assessment?
Assessment - how does it work?
My assessment has changed from last year. Will my property taxes change?
How does the change in my assessment affect my property taxes?
What if I don't agree with my property tax assessment?
How do I view my tax assessment online?
What percentage of my taxes goes to the Town?
What are total household taxes?
What are tax penalties?
Why do I pay for school taxes when I don't have children going to school?
How do I order a tax certificate?
What information does the tax certificate include?
What is the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)?
What's the advantage of TIPP?
Who can join TIPP?
How does TIPP work?
How do I apply for TIPP?

Town Finances FAQs

How is the Town Budget set?
How does the Town track financial statements?
What is Asset Management?

Utilities FAQs

How can I pay my utility bill?
What form do I use to apply for the connection / disconnection of utilities?
How is my water bill calculated?
How do I set up a bulk water account?
Who are Bruderheim's utility service providers?
When will my garbage be picked up?
What can be recycled under Bruderheim's curbside recycle program?
My waste and recycle tote is missing. Should I try to find it?
Should I call the Town if the wheels and/or axle of my waste tote is broken?
Do the waste and recycle totes need to be clear of obstructions around it?
If I smell natural gas in my house, should I call the Town?
My sewer is backing up, should I call the Town?