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Intermunicipal development plans

Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) are now mandatory under the Municipal Government Act. An intermunicipal development plan (IDP) is a high-level statutory plan jointly developed by two or more neighbouring municipalities, and where at least one member is not part of a growth management region. An IDP ensures that land use decisions are coordinated between municipalities.

The Town of Bruderheim is currently in the process of developing IDPs within the following municipalities:

  • Lamont County
  • Strathcona County



IDP Cover

Bruderheim and Lamont County have developed an IDP: Bylaw #02-2020.

View it by clicking here.


Draft IDP SC cover

Bruderheim and Strathcona County have developed an IDP: Bylaw #01-2020.

View it by clicking here.




Intermunicipal development plan FAQs:


Will the IDP affect my zoning?

Municipal Development Plans (MDPs) provide a comprehensive long-term land use policy framework, including direction on subdivision and rezoning. The IDP’s have been developed using the existing policy areas of each municipalities MDP, and as a result the proposed IDP will not affect existing land use zoning.


Why do we need intermunicipal development plans?

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) requires that municipalities which share a common boundary that are not members of a growth management board must, by passing a bylaw, adopt an IDP.


What does an intermunicipal development plan do?    

IDPs ensure that land use decisions within the IDP area are thoughtfully considered through a cooperative planning approach to support the long-term interests of both municipalities.


What is the public engagement process for the project?

Open houses will be held for each IDP. Watch this page for details on future public engagement.