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All dogs within the Town of Bruderheim are required to have an annually updated license and tag.


Download the following license forms from the Forms Page:


  • Dog License Form
  • Dogs Over-Limit Application Form


The application forms and tags are available at the Town Office (5017 Queen Street). 

For further information on licenses and tags, please call the Town Office (780-796-3731).




Bruderheim's Dog Control Bylaw

Please visit our Bylaws Page to view this and other bylaws...


This Bylaw ensures responsible and safe dog ownership within Bruderheim:

  • All dogs must be licensed with the Town of Bruderheim. Licenses must be renewed annually.
  • Only 2 dogs per household. 
  • If you'd like to have a third dog you must complete an Over-Limit Application and submit it with the appropriate fee. If approved, you may then purchase a license for the new dog. Your Over the Limit permit must also be renewed each year.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog(s) under control at all times and to not allow excessive barking.
  • You must clean up any waste from your dog(s) when out walking around town. 
  • Your dog(s) must always be on a leash if out of your yard and must be confined to your yard when at home.
  • Any dog that attacks a person, threatens a person, chases a vehicle, chases a person on a bicycle, horse or while walking, or attacks another pet is guilty of an offence and Bylaw officers can be called to enforce the Bylaw.