Fence, Deck, and Shed FAQs

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Considering improving your yard with a deck, fence and/or shed?

Below are some FAQs we hope will answer some of your questions.


For more information, please review Bruderheim's Land Use Bylaw, available on our Bylaws Page.


Happy building!



  • Q:   Will I be taxed on my fence?
  • A:   No. Fencing or landscaping are considered as separate 'line items' during the assessment process. These are all things that are considered built into the market place....in other words, most properties have these things and assessments generally account for the fact that most properties have them.




  • Q:   Do I need a Development Permit for my deck? 
  • A:   A permit is required if the floor of the deck is more than 2 ft. above grade.


  • Q:   Will I be taxed on it? 
  • A:   Small decks are not assessed for tax purposes. However, decks that are fully covered (i.e., a veranda with roof lines built into the main house, or with soffits and fascia that match the house, etc) WILL be assessed.




  • Q:   Do I need a Development Permit for my shed? 
  • A:   It depends on the size of your shed.  No permit is required for an accessory building less than 10 m2. (107 ft.2). Anything larger than that will require a permit.


  • Q:   Am I limited in size for my shed? 
  • A:   A shed must be smaller than what a garage would be.  It can’t be large enough to house a vehicle.  Any structure erected on the property is counted in the total lot use.  There is a maximum of 40% of the lot size that can be used for buildings of any type.


  • Q:   What size of shed can I build without paying taxes on it? 
  • A:   Larger sheds (150 square feet and up) may be assessed for tax purposes.


  • Q:   Can I place a shed anywhere I want in my yard?
  • A:   Side and rear yard setbacks of 1 metre must be observed.  No sheds are permitted in the front yard.