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Subdivision is the process whereby a plot of land is divided into two or more parcels in order to obtain separate legal titles for each parcel. It is a key part of the land development process and an important tool in land use management.

Only the registered landowner or an agent appointed by the owner can apply for subdivision approval.

There are two types of subdivision applications:

  1. Descriptive plan, and
  2. Plan of subdivision.


Descriptive Plans

If the applicant wants to create only one new lot from an existing parcel of land, often an un-subdivided quarter section, it can be done by a description of the parcel boundaries, which must be prepared by a qualified land surveyor.


Plan of Subdivision

plan of subdivision is more complex than a descriptive plan, and must be prepared by a land surveyor. It consists of a plan that shows the location, dimensions and boundaries of the parcels to be subdivided in relation to features such as roads, existing buildings, reserve land and rights-of-way. This type of application may also require technical information about services, such as water availability and sewage disposal.

It is recommended that all applicants meet with the Director of Development and Legislative Services (Town Office, 5017 Queen Street; 780-796-3731) prior to submitting their application to gain a clear understanding of what may be required for subdivision approval.


Visit our Forms Page to download the Subdivision Application Form.


Municipal Planning Services is the authority that approves subdivision for the Town of Bruderheim. They ensure that:

  • The land to be subdivided is suitable for the proposed use, and
  • That the proposal complies with the Municipal Development Plan, statutory plans, Bylaws of the municipality, and all provincial regulations.

Each subdivision application is unique and may be subject to a host of conditions, such as development agreements, offsite levies, or municipal/environmental reserves. After an applicant receives subdivision approval, they must meet the specific conditions of their approval. When they have, the Town will endorse their subdivision and the surveyor will take the plan to be registered at Land Titles. Then, and only then, are the new legal titles created for the new parcels of land.


Please click here for information on subdivision appeals.


For more information on subdivision, please contact the Town Office (5017 Queen Street; 780-796-3731).