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How can I pay my utility bill?

Please visit this page for information about paying your utility bill.

For utility billing inquiries, hook ups or disconnects, please contact the Bruderheim Town Office: 780-796-3731; 5017 Queen Street.



What form do I use to apply for the connection / disconnection of utilities?

Please visit our Forms Page to find and fill out these forms to apply:


Utilities Connect Form

Utilities Disconnect Form



How is my water bill calculated?

Effective January 1, 2021, Bruderheim will move to a consumption-based water rate system. Rates will now be based on consumption, similar to other consumption-based utilities, such as gas and electricity. The less water you use, the lower your bill will be. Meters will also be read monthly for more accurate bills. These changes will create a more fair and equitable utility rate structure that promotes water conservation.



How do I set up a bulk water account?

Prepaid Bulk Water Accounts can be set up at the Bruderheim Town Office, and the fill station is located at the Public Works office.  After completing the appropriate form, an access code will be provided to you, and the account will require a 4 digit pin number.  The access code and pin number will be your responsibility, so please keep this information in a safe place.

Fill Station Location:

5324 - 52 Avenue



Who are Bruderheim's utility service providers?


  • Bruderheim gets its water from the Vegreville Water Corridor.
  • The Town does not have a treatment facility, but rather has a 2,273 cubic meter capacity reservoir with distribution pumps. The 44 hydrants within the Town are serviced twice per year. Chlorine levels within the water are tested each working day, and four samples per month test for bacteria content.



  • Wastewater is treated with a lagoon system, which utilizes natural processes
  • Lagoons are maintained by Public Works under regulations set out by the Alberta Environment Wastewater Code of Practice
  • Lagoon effluent is tested and released once per year each spring


Other Local Utility Companies

Telus (phone) 310-2255

Shaw (phone, internet, cable) 780-490-3555

Epcor (electricity) 310-4300

Park Power (electricity) 780-640-2128

Direct Energy (natural gas) 1-866-374-6299

Fortis (street lights) 310-WIRE

Olympus Energy (electricity, gas, internet) 1-855-220-5969




When will my garbage be picked up?

GFL Environmental is contracted by Bruderheim to pick up garbage and recycling items within Town limits.

Pick Up Schedule:

  • Residential garbage and recycle pick up: every Thursday
  • Commercial garbage pick up: every Friday
  • Please note: Your garbage and recycling totes need to be on the curb by 7:00am to ensure pick up



What can be recycled under Bruderheim's blue bag program?

The Town of Bruderheim offers a curbside 'Blue Bag' program as part of its dedication to the environment. Residents are encouraged to recycle paper products, bottles, cans, plastic containers, cardboard, boxboard, tin cans and glass jars by bagging them in blue bags and putting them in the recycle roll cart.



My garbage and recycle tote is missing. Should I try to find it?

Yes, homeowners are responsible for their garbage and recycling totes. Each tote has a specific number linked to your address, so the Town Office may be able to assist you in your search. Damaged or missing totes can be replaced at a cost to the homeowner. Contact us at:


In Person: 5017 Queen Street

Phone: 780-796-3731



Should I call the Town if the wheels and/or axle of my garbage tote is broken?

Yes, missing wheels and broken axels should be reported to the Town Office, and they will be replaced on location at no cost.



Do the garbage and recycle totes need to be clear of obstructions around it?

Yes, garbage and recycling totes are picked up by a mechanical arm, and require a minimum of 3 feet of clear space on both sides.



If I smell natural gas in my house, should I call the Town?

No, you need to contact Atco Gas at 1-800-511-3447 (24 hr).



My sewer is backing up, should I call the Town?

When your sewer is backing up, a plumber is the best person to determine where and why a blockage is occurring, and to fix the problem.  If it is a recurring problem, we suggest you contact us at 780-796-3731 to arrange for a video inspection of the service line to your home.