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Curbside Recycling Program

It's rare for a town of less than 1,500 people to boast a curbside recycling program, but this is an important feature that Bruderheim offers its residents. The following items are recyclable for weekly pickup:

  • Mixed paper / paperboard 
  • Cardboard
  • Bottles and cans
  • Tetra paks
  • Rigid plastic containers #1 and #2 (including milk jugs)
  • Tin cans

Please no styrofoam, plastic bags, straws or plastic utensils, or hazardous waste.

Click here to view a poster that outlines what items are accepted.

Place items in blue bags inside the recycle roll cart and set it out on the curb with your regular garbage. GFL Environmental is our collection company.


Seniors Recycling Program Discount

The Town of Bruderheim offers a seniors discount on recycling services. If you are a senior and would like to apply for this discount, please drop by the Town Office (5017 Queen Street) to fill out an application form. Please bring your identification.




Battery Recycling 

You can now drop off household batteries at the Bruderheim Town Office to be recycled. No large batteries, such as car batteries, please.



Cell Phone Recycling

Bruderheim Town Office is proud to be a "Recycle My Cell" drop off location! Bring your old cell phones in and help keep cell phones out of landfills!



Electronics Recycling

Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a not for profit organization with a mission to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on the environment by reusing and recycling unwanted computers, laptops and other electronic equipment. Recycle your electronics with ERA!



Community Compost

In addition to our recycling program, we also offer a community compost pile, located north of the campground. Access through the campground entrance off of 52nd Ave. Grass clippings, leaves and branches ONLY please. No weeds, food scraps or garbage.

Please note: There are separate piles for the grass/leaves and the branches. Branches should be 1 inch in diameter or less - anything larger should be taken to the landfill.




GFL Environmental is contracted by Bruderheim to pick up garbage and recycling items within Town limits.


Pick up schedule:

  • Residential waste and recycle pick up: every Thursday
  • Commercial waste pick up: every Wednesday
  • Please note: Your waste and recycling totes need to be on the curb by 7:00 a.m. to ensure pick up. Any garbage not contained in the totes will not be picked up.


PLEASE NOTE: Commercial waste bins (such as those located near businesses and community facilities) are NOT to be used for discarding electronics and metal. These items must be dropped off at the landfill for recycling (FREE OF CHARGE with the exception of fridges and freezers).

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All items deemed too large to be picked up during regular garbage pick-up can be taken to the St. Michael Landfill.

For hours of operation or other inquiries, please see the St. Michael Landfill website or call them at 780.702.9880.

Please ensure all loads are tarped or secured while transporting waste to the landfill.




If you have any questions or concerns regarding garbage and/or recycling, please contact the Town Office at 780-796-3731.