The Top Five Reasons to Live in Bruderheim

Best value for your money! Serviced lots are selling at 1/3 the cost of similar lots in the Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park areas. It is a very good time to invest in Bruderheim! In addition, new homes qualify for the Municipal Property Tax Rebate Program, which allows those that build in Bruderheim to receive a three-year municipal property tax rebate.

Small-town spirit, big-time heart! Our community enjoys all the good things a small town has to offer - it's, quiet, peaceful and safe, and you can make meaningful relationships with your neighbours. You can feel good about raising your families here.

Live close to your work - Bruderheim is in a central location, making it the perfect place to work close to home. We're minutes away from Alberta's greatest concentration of industry jobs, and only fifteen minutes from Fort Saskatchewan.

Community events and programs - Get active at our family fun nights, paint your face on Canada Day and cheer your lungs out at the annual Meteorite Cup street hockey battle. With the abundance of year-round events, you'll never be bored. You'll also be amazed at the number and variety of community programs we offer  -  ranging from toddler entertainment to seniors fitness.

An environmental conscience - An air monitoring station, curb-side recycling, environmentally-friendly alternatives, the list goes on. Bruderheim is committed to balancing prosperity with sustainability.

Looking to build or buy a home in Bruderheim? We'd love to have you as a neighbour.   Contact the Town Office at 780-796-3731 to get started!